Data Insurance

Alright, backups aren’t exactly data insurance but if you ever lose your data and don’t have a backup, you will wish you did, just like having the best automotive insurance after a car accident. Unfortunately, not everyone has their data backed up or sometimes the default settings of that backup software doesn’t get all of the files you need. This is a painful occurrence that we hear all too often.

The good news it you don’t ever have to hear about it. We provide backups for our clients that ensure their data is safe. We ensure the data on your computers and servers are secure and easily recovered to a new machine if the need arises. We backup your emails as well, but we will talk more about that on our Email Services page.

Disaster Recovery

Getting Your Data Back

When a disaster happens, whether its a roof leak that fried your server, a compromised computer, or a minor drink spill that turned out to not be so minor, you need your data back, and you need it quick.

With how we secure your data, we have different methods to get your data back on a computer for you. Depending on how much data is effected, this can be a time consuming process. The good news is we can deploy multiple recovery methods at once to get the data you need to access today, back to you today, while making sure the rest of your data is back as soon as possible.